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Everyone is new for the first time here, some people go away and come back and find out things have changed on Beirut. These tips will help those people.

Beirut limits nicks to 14 characters in length. The minimum length of a nickname is 2 characters. A registered account (user/nick) allows you to identify yourself to NS. CS is the Channel Service bot. When you register to NS, you have an account (username) and you own a nickname on (NickServ). The accounts are used for: Channel access on X; joining +r channels (Only registered); setting usermode +x (Virtual hostmask:; Registering a channel; Supporting a channel due to registration process.

If you want to register an account (user/nick) you need to be connected to the Beirut Network Server, then you type: /msg NS@Service.Beirut.Com REGISTER . Once you have registered and verified your username, you are invited to connect to Beirut IRC Server and use your account at any time. When you are connected to our Chat Server, you can type: /msg NS@Service.Beirut.Com AUTH ACCOUNT PASSWORD . ACCOUNT will be your username and the nickname you want to register over this account can be registered via Nickserv. After setting the PASSWORD, keep it to yourself. Remember: No Staff member of Beirut will ask you for your password. You can use any email you want to register. Note: all free emails are accepted (such as:,,, etc...).

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