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Regional chats meet a variety of needs. They provide ways for users in specific locations to meet with neighbors despite inclement weather, and outside of the restraints of political or social conventions. They allow people who have moved away from their native land to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Engaging in chats with native speakers of a foreign language is an easy and effective way to quickly learn to communicate in that language. Most of all, regional chats that are open and welcoming to the international community break down political boundaries, teach us about unfamiliar cultures, and expose our own minds to different ways of thinking.

 #Arab    Official Chat Room Of Arab
 #Australia   The Place where Australian and Lebanese people meet
 #Beirut       Beirut IRC Network's Lobby
 #Jordan      Official Jordanian Chat Room
 #Lebanon    Lebanon Chat Room For All Lebanese
 #Liban        Salon de chat Francophone
 #Lobby   Universal Chat Room
 #USA        American Chat Room


Gaming and IRC, the perfect partners! Players!! do you have an online gaming group, or chat for your guild, monarchy, troop, team or association? Let the world know about it right here! How about IRC games? Do you have a trivia channel, acronym, or other made for IRC challenge? Do you have tournaments, contests, games of skill or knowledge? List it here! Is XBox, Playstation, GameBoy or handheld games your obsession? Meet with others who share your passion and chat about the latest developments, cheats and tricks.

 #Games       An IRC Gaming channel, you can play trivia, scramble, spin the bottle, hangman....
 #IdleRPG     The idleRPG is just what it sounds like: an RPG in which the players idle.
 #Trivia        Gameplay is simple...the triviabot displays a question and everyone has a certain number of seconds                     to guess the answer...the first person to guess properly gets the points!idle.
 #Scramble   Improve your word and spelling skills. For kids and children of all ages and grades.
 #Uno           Uno Game, Very simply game and easy one.


What do people on IRC like more than IRC itself? Movies, movies, movies - - and MP3s, TV shows, Radio, and Karaoke, and IRC games like Trivia and Acronym (to name a few). IRC users go wild over entertainment. Its the number one draw on all networks - and networks know it! Download songs, soundfiles, movie trailers, see previews, watch classic tv shows and movies, listen to live radio broadcasts, play DJ, join in karaoke contests, play trivia, enter golf tournaments, chess contests, tetris challenges - if its legally distributed, we'll list your channel here.

 #BeirutNights    Official Chat Room Of Radio One Lebanon
 #FutureTV     Official Chat Room Of Future Telivision


What better place to learn about computers, than ON a computer. Windows, MacOS, every flavor of Unix, Amiga, OS2, every imaginable operating system is well represented. Programmers meet to discuss cutting edge innovations, and help with difficult problems. Are you looking for a computer club? Do you want to learn about security and encryption? Do you need help setting up a network or configuring a router, perhaps building your own desktop computer? Does that firewall have you befuddled? Whether you want to get advice, or give it, you'll find plenty of IRC computer chats that offer exactly what you need.

 #Help      A general IRC help channel which also provides Eggdrop support
 #mIRC    All Help Regarding Questions Related to mIRC and Scripts.

 #Linux      A general Linux help channel.


Do you need a shell for your ircd, unix client or BNC? Need help with IRC commands? Would you like to know more about a particular network, their services and staff? Need help setting up and managing a channel? Want to know more about your IRC client? Are you looking for advice about IRC server and services software, do you need help configuring your ircd.conf? There's a wealth of IRC chats, filled with expert volunteers willing to answer all your questions.

 #Service      A General Services help channel
 #Help           A general IRC help channel which also provides Eggdrop support
 #Routing      The Routing Committee is responsible for the selection and maintenance of servers and services.


Do you have a chat room that doesn't fall into any other category? Is it "just" a place to chat? IRC is full of chats that defy description! Friends groups, vanity chats (ie, a channel that bears your own name), and generic chats all fall under this category.



From mild to wild, from flirtatious to fantasy fetishes, IRC offers the best in 18+ entertainment. Are you looking for that special someone in romance chats and singles chats, want to take a walk on the wild side in fantasy chats, curious about gay or lesbian or bi lifestyles, ready to try bondage, domination, or submission in one of IRC's many BDSM chats? No matter what your sexual preferences might be, IRC has what you're looking for - but only if you are over 18 years of age!

 #Love      Are you in love ;-) ?

History Politics and Philosophy

Historical websites, re-enactment groups, and history buffs alike have found IRC a great place to share information and hold meetings. Whether your genre is Renaissance, the Revolution, Civil War, WWI or WWII, or other periods, IRC history chats can bring you closer to the times, the people, and their lifestyle. Of course, those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it.
Of course, those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it. Are you intrigued by the moral and political complexities of effectively governing today's civilized society? Whether you want to show off that Poli Sci degree, voice your opinion about every day social and political events, or listen to others as they engage in enlightened debate, IRC has politics and philosophy chats
for every intellectual level.

 #Ouwet    Lebanese Forces Official Chat Room
 #Tayyar   Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement Official Chat Room

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