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Beirut was founded the night of March the 21st of the year 2005 by Stefano El Douaihy. The founder and his friend Mike Minassian "Hayasdan" of #Beyrouth on the Undernet IRC network, being frustrated with the current lame users on Undernet and wanting an alternate IRC network, they created Beirut IRC network as an alternative.

Starting when Mohamad Dimashk "Jimie" of #Liban DALnet joined the team and launched the first joint server which became Verdun. The next day , Dimitar Tnokovski "Mitko" came and became the manager of the servers and services.

On April the 7th, Beirut changed it's services and servers from beware to srvx, and from ircu daemon to Nefarious.

The network grew fast in a very short period of time and reached 9 servers in late summer 2005.

On January the 30th, Hani Mouneimne "Sm0oth^" of ChatNet joined the club and made a big contribution by donating Hamra server and free hostings.

Publicly listed on February the 8th of the year 2006 in servers.ini of mIRC, Beirut immediately became a target of drones and spambots attacks and was about to turn into chaos if "SanitariuM" hadn't joined the staff and scripted Snoop Service which halted the attacks and it has been protecting the network ever since.

Through its short history, Beirut has been repeatedly damaged by attacks such as floods and ddos. After Israel started war on Lebanon (see Lebanon-Israel war), the attacks weren't only on the Lebanese land, but it was also over the Internet, where Israeli drone runners were attacking with botnets. But, like the mystical phoenician phoenix, it has risen from its ashes.

On December the 22nd of the year 2006, after weeks of hard coding, "Hal9000" made Beirut proud to be the first Nefarious IRCu network to be running Denora

On February the 20th, Beirut's red army team smashed all rival IRC networks in the mIRC Tanks tournament.

As of 2007, Beirut network celebrated it's 2nd anniversary on the 21st of March.

Joined by the powerful Lebanese diaspora, Beirut has acquired a reputation as “The chat that never sleeps”.

With an average realtime user count of 400 users and 110 channels, Beirut has become the main Middle Eastern IRC network and SearchIRC ranked it around the 150th most populous network in the world.

Users growth is largely accomplished through its users and partners who brought the best of them to the network which flowerishes every day.

On July 2011, Eddy upgraded the Servers to nefarious 1.3 and the services to x3-1.8

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