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Need Computer Help? Join us in #Help and you'll be assisted to a real person who specializes in solving PC and Mac related problems. Our geeks are certified and have the experience needed to provide you with solutions for both Home or Business software, hardware and peripherals. Also Helping you with UNIX and Linux providing information on tons of UNIX commands simularities of unix and DOS and more.. (scripts, addons, and bots...)

To join the #Help channel click HERE. Please feel free to contact us at irc with any problems or concerns.

If you want to report an abuse, please click here.

#Help also helps with reops in your channel. If you lost an op in your channel, feel free to join and ask for assistance. NOTE: Unregistered channels only, if your channel is registered use CS to op yourself :-)

Channel rules:
1. Idling in the channel is NOT allowed.
2. Swearing is not allowed.
3. We do NOT help with mp3s/warez/cracks/hacking or anything illegal.
4. Ask a question and patiently wait for an answer.
5. Do not use bold/underline/colors or /ame while in the channel.
6. We do help with reop in opless channels.
7. Do not message any of the +/@ users.

If you need assistance regrading your USERNAME account or a question regrading your registered channel, please join #Services and ask your question there. If you want to register an channel, click HERE.

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