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Chat on Beirut IRC Network

The easiest way into our chat rooms is through the use of our Java applet.  Just click your choice below and you should get to your chat room of joice without a problem.

To enter chat click HERE

You will find spending a lot of time in the chat will make you want an easier interface to the chat room that is not browser related.  The best I have found and the interface I like the most for PC users is MIRC.  You can find it at the following url, it is a shareware program and it does come up with a nag asking you to buy it every few weeks, but you never have to, that is just Lars way of guilting you out.

To download MIRC:

Instructions for pointing it at the right server and are pretty simple, the learning curve isn't that significant.

Instructions for setting up MIRC for our chat rooms.

Port: 6667

Instruction For Setting up MIRC
Go to http:// and download the latest version

Just follow the red arrows and complete the easy to follow guide by completing
whatever you see is in RED

Step one


Step two


Step three


Step four


Step five

In this step you want to put in the chat room you want to go to, such as:
For regular civilized chat it would be: /join #Beirut

Step six


Step seven


Created by Hayasdan

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