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 Basic IRC Commands

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/JOIN #channel
Join the specified channel.

example: /join #Beirut

/PART #channel
Leave a channel.

/ME message
Tells the current channel or query about what you are doing.

/MSG nickname message
Send a private message to this user without opening a query window.

/QUERY nickname message
Open a query window to this user and send them a private message.

/WHOIS nickname
Shows information about someone.

/NICK nickname
Changes your nickname to a new nickname.

/QUIT [reason]
This will disconnect you from IRC and will give the optional message as the reason for your departure. (this message only appears to people who are on the same channels as you).

example: /quit That's all folks!

/AWAY [away message]
Leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC. Whenever someone sends you a MSG or does a WHOIS on you, they automatically see whatever message you set. Using AWAY with no parameters marks you as no longer being away.

example: /away off to get something to eat, back in a moment!

/TOPIC #channel newtopic
Changes the topic for the channel.

example: /topic #Beirut If you want to play the Idle RPG join #IdleRPG ! ;p

/INVITE nickname #channel
Invites another user to a channel.

Channel and User Commands
If you have Op status, the following commands give you control over both a channel and the users on it.

/KICK #Beirut nickname reason
Kicks named user off a given channel.

example: /kick #Beirut Mitko dont abuse ! ;-)

/MODE #channel|nickname [[+|-]modechars [parameters]]
This is a powerful command that gives channel operators control of a channel and the users on it.

Channel modes
b 'person' - ban somebody, 'person' in "nick!user@host" form
i - channel is invite-only
l 'number' - channel is limited, 'number' users allowed max
m - channel is moderated, (only chanops can talk)
n - external /MSGs to channel are not allowed
o 'nickname' - makes 'nickname' a channel operator
p - channel is private
s - channel is secret
t - topic limited, only chanops may change it
k 'key' - set secret key for a channel
r - only logged in users can join the channel

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