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Acceptable Use Policy

Channel registration is not meant as a means to start a new channel. It is meant for previously established channels to have an opportunity to have some stability and security. If you are first starting a new channel, then just start using your channel and give it time to see if a reasonable userbase develops to justify registration. Your channel must be open and active for a reasonable amount of time BEFORE you apply.

As a channel owner you are responsible for the channel and seeing that your channel users and ops follow all Channel Service guidelines, so READ BEFORE YOU APPLY.

Channel registration application is not a right, but a privilege granted subject to conditions.

The Channel Service Guidelines approved by Beirut admins require that "The Channel Service Committee will only register 1 channel per USER (this means user, not account or e-mail address)." Consequently, you can only register one channel on Beirut.

Channel Services (CS) will not be provided for any channel involved in child pornography, trading, warez or any copywritten material including mp3's and dvd's or the illegal trading of credit cards, passwords etc. We will no longer register any bot lending, shell or bnc (vhosts) channels. If we find these activities are predominant in your channel after registration, we will permanently remove CS from the channel.

The Channel Service admins do reserve the right to reject any channel registration for any reason that they deem valid.

Channel Services regularly monitors all registered channels for activity. If a registered channel is not active, CS will be removed from the channel. Channel owners are expected to be active in the channel. If you are gone for more than 30 days, CS can be removed from the channel or in very active channels, a new channel owner can be elected by the high level ops (Co-owners and Managers). If you know you are going to be gone for more than 3 weeks, set urself on vacation /msg NS vacation. Commands are available on the web page and #Service is there to help you.


You need to have 5 DIFFERENT supporters (people, not just 5 different accounts) to register a channel. Make sure all your supporters are active members of your channel and that they all agree to support you as manager.

Note that Helpers and IRCOps are not considered as supporters.

During the registration period, Channel Service will be checking to insure all your supporters are really users of the channel and are actually joining it.

You are responsible for your Channel Ops whether you are online or not. Please be careful who you give access to. Abuse by your channel ops, whether you are there or not, can result in CS being removed from the channel.

NOTE: Filling out this application does NOT constitute registering your channel. It is only applying to register.The entire registration process takes about 3 days. Should your application be rejected for any reason, it cannot be altered by Channel Service. You must reapply using this form. You may wish to print the completed form before submitting to retain the data.

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